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Audio Downloads

This is another audio file free for download.  These are designed to help you in your children’s puppet ministry. All you have to do is play the audio and follow along with the puppets. Sometimes you cannot find the people who are willing to do the voices or cant do the voices.  Some people feel that they are not “talented” enough to do voices or to embarassed to do them, so we have fixed that problem with our audio files.  All you need now is two arms and a mp3 or CD player. !!! Enjoy it.  We will post more audio files as we finish them.

Be Kind to Others! (3769) Puppet audio file that allows you to simply hit ply and do a puppet skit. This puppet skit consists of a boy puppet and a girl puppet. They are discussing how to treat others and talk to their brothers or sisters.

Check out the audio download section for a free puppet audio file that you simply hit play and do a skit right along with it.  There are sound effects and voices already done.

Audio Downloads