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A Story about Creation (2241 downloads)   The Creation Story Back 2 School – A lesson describing the seven days of creation.  One puppet tells the story as another puppet adds his description of what took place.


This is a rather long skit but is funny…  adults love this one.

A puppet ministry can be a very good way to teach religion to children. They have a universal appeal to all.  You can make it a fun experience for your young people.  With very little resources and a creative mind your ministry can take on a life of its own. Not only will you educate and entertain the kids but you will find that adults find it entertaining also.  On our last 4th of July puppet show we had over 150 people show up to watch the puppets, approx 90 of that 150 were adults. The adults walked away talking and laughing about the puppet show, which was translated into donations and support in our next fund raising event for the kids.  So, put on your thinking cap and get creative!!! 

For done-for-you audio puppet skits check out our audio download page… These mp3 files are ready to go… simply burn them to a CD and hit play and raise the puppets up… the rest is left up to you!!!!