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james dunn

Bro B-Ryan - Telling it how it is! (1648)  This script is with of course the crowd favorite and it is Bro B-Ryan and he is about telling it how it is!  From telling the husbands not to have strange breath to taking up an offering… over and over and over again…   We used it the other night and got tons of laughs from it.  Bro B-Ryan is a crowd pleaser and our favorite.   The Pastor’s wife thinks he’s funny and little Hanna Jo thinks he cute.

Look in the other audio files for more from Bro B-Ryan.



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We rode out the storm that passed through Cleveland, TN at a friends house.   She called several times worried about us, knowing we did not have a basement to go to so we packed up and went over to her house.   I pulled up in front as I normally do but my wife insisted that I pull under the carport just in case of hail.  Well 10 minutes after we were in the house there was a large cracking  sound and a tree fell, exactly where I would have normally parked.   At first I felt relief until a thought came to mind.  I had been asking God to help us pay the car off so we could get out from under a car payment, he answered but I wasn’t where I was supposed to be…


I thank God for protecting us and others in the storm and my prayers continue to go out to the families of the 327 people whose lives were lost in the storm….