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Another puppet skit uploaded.  All you have to do is download the mp3 file and hit play and you have a puppet show going.  Add some of your favorite songs and you can have the kids hopping up and down the entire time!!!


Reasons to Read the BIBLE (1302) A bored puppet learns from a talking Bible puppet about the importance of reading the Bible.  He learns that there are interesting true stories in the Bible.  It teaches that reading your Bible can make it easier to witness as God’s word is hidden in your heart.

Here is another puppet audio file for you to download.  These files are designed for you to download them and play them for your puppet show. All you have to be is excited and love the kids!!!  If you are excited about what you are doing the children will also be excited!!!

Exciting stories in the Bible (2173) A puppet learns that stories of the Bible are awesome.  He finds out the stories of the Bible are exciting and adventurous as well as true.  Stories about Samson, the parting of the red sea, a blind man is healed, the fiery furnace, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, etc.  A lesson about going to Sunday School to learn about God.

Little Puppet Book Report (681) Little Puppet Book Report – A puppet is worried about writing a book report for his return back to school and he hasn’t read a book because of his attendance at VBS. He learns that he has read the best book, the Bible this summer.

Download here…

Just added six more puppet audio files for download – check out the download page for these files. Yes we still are having problems with the short codes for the downloads on the home page but they do work on the audio downloads page and also on the individual post itself. Don’t forget to sign-up for our newsletter so you can be alerted to when we add more audio files. Don’t worry we do not sell or spam your name… I try to keep my newsletters to a minimal unless I have some really big news!!!

I have some more audio files that I will be uploading soon so keep checking back. Got a little over track with the birth of our 2nd son a while back but we are getting going again.

Go here to download

1.  I am a friend of God (2496) Puppets are preparing to return to school. This lesson teaches about doing good unto others even though they do evil unto you. One puppet shares the gospel with a friend who wants to join the cool crowd and thinks that he is weird for being a Christian and doesn’t want to hang around with him.

2.  For His Glory (1659) We learn that no matter how big or small we are, we are all important to God.

3. Spiritual Warfare (1396) Puppets discuss the spiritual battle that we face. We learn how to prepare ourselves for the battle. We learn that when we let Jesus into our heart we can be prepared to battle sin. The armor of God is explained in this lesson.

4.  Track Baptism-Let's go to the river (1116) 2 male puppets Billy Bob discusses the man at the River called Jesus who is walking on the water. He teaches that many received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Billy Bob wants to get the salvation and invites his friend Scotty to go with him to learn about the Baptism. Billy Bob explains that without baptism we cannot see the kingdom of heaven and we will not be able to see Jesus.

5.  Shepards on the Hillside (1391) 3-4 puppets – An angel appears to the shepherds and tells them that God will be sending a baby, his only son, to be the savior of the world. He tells them to go to Bethlehem and see this child and tell all the good news. This lesson teaches that we must go and spread the good news that the messiah has come.

6.  Bible Man Sings (1284) 1 Bible puppet Bible man sings “All I want for Christmas” and “Somebody snitched on me”

7.  Puppet Christmas (1660) 2 puppets 1 male puppet 1 female puppet Rudolph Kringle doesn’t understand the meaning of Christmas and falls down every time someone says the word Christmas. He learns that being greedy is wrong and that if we are generous and share what we have with others we will be blessed. We learn that Jesus is God’s gift to us. After an understanding Rudolph no longer gets weak kneed about Christmas.

We have recently moved to Cleveland, Tennessee and have been enjoying every minute of it.  The weather is definitely better than Indiana as we are enjoying almost 60 degree weather in January.  God is good!!  We are currently working on a couple of DVDs to be used in children ministry.  The DVD I hope to have finished by the end of February and along with them will be audio CDs that can be used when doing puppets.   Sign-up, login and let me know what it is you are looking for in regards to help in your area. What resources do you feel would help you greatly in reaching the children in your area…