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There are many good scenarios for two character skits. A good one is a story teller and listener. The story teller can recite a story to the other character. The listener can involve the children in the skit. This is more effective than an adult telling a story.  Children are more likely to listen to a funny and whimsical character.  My wife and I have always worked with 2 puppet skits, mainly because we could always count on ourselves to participate.  Working in the ministry you may not always have all the hands you need when working with puppets so it is always a good thing to simply plan on working with a 2 puppet skit and work your way up from there.  In the audio download section we have several pre-recorded puppet skits that are all 2 puppet skits… you simply download the mp3, burn it to a cd in the order you want the puppet show to go and hit play.  

So remember that 2 is the magic number!

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